Backup Solutions

Kalmer Solutions can implement an in-house or off-site backup solution. Our backup solutions can include tapes, redundant internal backups (such as partition replication), redundant external backups (such as an external harddrive), and remote backups. We have found that a combination of a good internal and external backup is sufficient for most clients.


Here are some vital statistics regarding data loss (statistics from

HARDWARE OR SYSTEM MALFUNCTIONS (44 percent of all data loss)

Possible Symptoms
  • Error message stating the device is not recognized
  • Previously accessible data suddenly gone
  • Scraping or rattling sound
  • Hard drive not spinning
  • Computer hard drive doesn’t function
  • Electrical failure
  • Head/media crash
  • Controller failure
HUMAN ERROR (32 percent of all data loss)

Possible Symptoms
  • Previously accessible data suddenly gone
  • Message similar to “File Not Found”
  • Accidental deletion or drive format
  • Trauma caused by drop or fall
SOFTWARE CORRUPTION (14 percent of all data loss)

Possible Symptoms
  • System messages relating to memory errors
  • Software application won’t load
  • Error message stating data is corrupted or inaccessible
  • Corruption caused by diagnostic or repair tools
  • Failed backups
  • Configuration complexity
COMPUTER VIRUSES (7 percent of all data loss)

Possible Symptoms
  • Blank screen
  • Strange and unpredictable behavior
  • Error message stating
  • “File Not Found” Message announcing virus appears on screen
  • Boot sector viruses
  • File infecting viruses
  • Polymorphic viruses
NATURAL DISASTERS (3 percent of all data loss)

Possible Symptoms
  • While floods and earthquakes have obvious symptoms, brownouts and lightning strikes often leave no clues
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Brownouts

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