Server Management

Server Management

Windows Servers

Windows servers will generally be version 2008 or 2003. We will make sure that the patch levels and virus protection are up-to-date. Through our managed services plan, we can verify the patch levels, virus protection, and error log activity from our network operations center (NOC). We will know real-time the overall health of your Windows server. For example, if your server was running RAID 5 and you had a hard drive fail, we could dynamically rebuild the drive remotely. This would keep your server going and keep your office productive.

Windows server monitoring can include Exchange Server, Active Directory, and other packages installed on the system. If you have specialized applications such as fax server software that you need monitored, we can do it.

Active Directory Management

Active Directory is an implementation of LDAP directory services by Microsoft for use primarily in Windows environments. The main purpose of Active Directory is to provide central authentication and authorization services for Windows based computers. Active Directory also allows administrators to assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates to an entire organization. Active Directory stores information and settings relating to an organization in a central, organized, accessible database. Active Directory networks can vary from a small installation with a few hundred objects, to a large installation with millions of objects.

Once Kalmer Solutions gains an understanding of our client’s objectives; we can mold an active directory solution to fit their needs. In addition, we can remotely monitor active directory objects, policies, and critical updates that influence active directory and overall network security. We can also add or remove objects and users as necessary.

Exchange Server

Kalmer Solutions can help manage your Exchange Server onsite or remotely through a managed services plan. We can help you with:

  • Spam filtering
  • Relay prevention
  • Virus prevention
  • Mobile access configuration
  • User and group management
  • DNSBL tracking / prevention
  • Sharepoint and Online Colabra
  • Filter rules based on sender ID
  • SPF record implementation

SQL Server

Our managed services package will monitor SQL related events. The forwarding of these alerts or events has many advantages. It allows the SQL logs, events, and alerts to be:

  • Centralized: We will have a centralized and consolidated view of the events of many SQL Server instance. A single point of control.
  • Scalable: We will be administering many physical servers as one logical server. Add or remove servers to this physical server group as needed.
  • Efficient: We will save time spent configuring new servers because alerts and operators are defined only once on the central server.

We know how important your database backbone is to your company. No matter if your running MSSQL, MySQL, or another database platform, we can handle your remote database management needs.

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