When co-developing a strategic IT plan with your service provider, there are a few topics that you should remember to cover. These will help give you insight into what your priorities might have to be, as well as what opportunities exist for you to make your operations more efficient.

Question #1: How Much Time is Being Spent Managing My Environment?

You should be asking your IT service provider this question in order to identify common pitfalls and areas that require attention. This will also give you a platform for getting your IT service provider to benchmark your infrastructure’s performance against similar companies. This will help you prioritize initiatives, address problem areas, realize new opportunities, and budget for the time of your IT team.

Question 2: What Are My Highest Risk Areas?

Knowing where your business is vulnerable is very important, as the threats to your data and network integrity are always evolving. In the past, we mostly had to deal with issues of technology failure and the unexpected departure of key employees, as well as the occasional virus or hack attempt. However, in today’s landscape, sophisticated cybercriminals can hold parts of a network hostage in a ransomware attack, and disgruntled employees can find ways to commandeer key communications channels. Having an IT service provider that can help you foresee and mitigate these threats is key.

Question 3: How Can I Improve My Operations With Technology?

There is now a digital solution available for almost any task imaginable – the limiting factors are what your budget can handle and what your employees will actually use. Having expert advice from your IT service provider can help you map the needs of your business to potential solutions, and create a roadmap to integrate new technology into your business operations. Additionally, your IT solution provider can offer suggestions about your business processes and point out areas that can improve your operations through technology.

Working with Kalmer Solutions

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