During the pandemic, many organizations were forced to experiment with new ways of working. Business shifted online, and modern workforces became distributed. Use of cloud-based solutions became commonplace, and with all these changes came new responsibilities for IT. Never before has the culture and day-to-day of a company been more entwined with its technology, which means there are opportunities to support how your people feel by being careful about the technology they are given to use. These are some modern workforce trends to be aware of moving into 2023.

Trend #1: Access to Information

Business moves a lot faster than it used to, and a lot of this has been driven by the speed at which we can access and share information. Especially for younger generations of employees, who have grown up with information at their fingertips, it is important to invest in solutions that provide you – and your employees – with information. Things like CRM and ERP systems provide central databases that support coordination and collaboration, and tools that enable file-sharing, videoconferencing, and asynchronous chat do the same.

Trend #2: Hybrid and Remote

Now that employees have had a taste of working remotely, many don’t want to go back to the office! As a result, your company may have to begin to become more flexible by supporting options for remote work for both new and existing employees. This comes with new technological considerations, such as a move to cloud-based computing, securing devices for remote access to company networks, and more. Knowing what options you have available and how they can support morale-boosting changes in your culture is becoming a key element of staying up to date with modern workforce trends.

Trend #3: Supporting More Platforms

Gone are the days when everyone used a PC. Some of your creative staff, for example, may prefer Apple devices, and some of your employees would rather use an Android cell phone. Being nimble enough to support the platforms your employees use will support them to do their best work, and for this reason, it is important to move to solutions that work across multiple platforms as well as security postures that allow for different devices to access the same system. This may require investment but is well worth it as your employees will return the favor with higher productivity and higher morale.

Trend #4: Conferences and Events

After a couple of years of being on hiatus, many conferences and events are back in-person. One terrific way to stay on top of technological trends that could impact your workforce is by attending these events and reporting back on your findings. This especially is the case for start-up events in your area, as it is likely a small group of committed people are working on a solution that your business could use.

Trend #5: Recruitment and Retention

One of the next frontiers of machine learning and artificial intelligence is in the human resources department. Being able to quantify, analyze, and automate elements of the HR function can support better organizational culture and superior visibility into how people are feeling. It will also allow you to give employees better feedback on their performance. If you’re stuck on investments to make in technology, we suggest speaking to HR to see what they could use. It is likely they have already identified a modern workforce trend they want to capitalize on.

The Strategic Value of an IT Provider

Not only should your managed IT services provider be keeping your technology infrastructure working, but they should also be helping you plan for the future and procure the solutions that will help you get there. Having meetings with them to co-create a roadmap is a key part of making sure that your infrastructure aligns with your business goals, as they will have deep knowledge of your systems and expert advice regarding current issues and future directions. Even including them on conversations about new office space or new buildings can add unexpected value to your strategic process.

Working with Kalmer Solutions

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