If you are a growing business whose IT needs are continually and rapidly evolving, a virtual CIO can be a cost-effective way to ensure you have solid IT direction at the senior leadership level. It can also provide you important visibility into the operations of your technology infrastructure so you aren’t throwing dollars away.

Having a senior advisor like a virtual CIO helps you bridge the gap between your strategic planning efforts and your technology infrastructure. Knowing ahead of time what roadblocks and opportunities exist with respect to technology could provide valuable insights that affect how you do business. Additionally, having a virtual CIO ensures that IT-related items get the right budget and time they require, as they are speaking with and presenting to the decision-makers of your company.

A virtual CIO can also be the person who is responsible for tracking where your IT support dollars are going, how well they are being spent, and what improvements could be made. Often, in growing companies, the IT function of the business can become opaque to senior managers. Having a virtual CIO that can implement time tracking procedures and analyze trends will help you understand how long it takes to complete projects, and creates accountability that will drive better work from your employees.

Additionally, a virtual CIO can support you with your IT metrics, reviewing service ticket reports to identify trends and “squeaky wheels” in the system. Often, recurring small problems occur before a larger issue that causes more significant downtime. With this foresight, they will be able to brief your leadership team about the IT needs of your business and how best to address them.

Access to a virtual CIO also gives you the opportunity to ask questions of a trusted advisor with deep knowledge of your business. They can provide guidance and protocols for procurement, knowing what is best for you. Additionally, they will be able to proactively identify new solutions to demonstrate to your senior leadership team, keeping you on the cutting edge.

Ultimately, having a virtual CIO is an investment in your long-term business success. Having the right level of leadership providing trustworthy direction when you need it, you can rest easier knowing that your technology will be working and adding value to your operations.

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