While traditional business logic would dictate that outsourcing something is more expensive than having it in-house, the growing IT and cybersecurity needs of many businesses mean that more leaders are turning to managed IT services than ever before. In our work with businesses, we manage everything from cloud infrastructure to 24/7 network security, which allows them to focus on growth. 

One of our clients is MC Express, a long-haul trucking company that has been serving the United States mainland for almost thirty years. Trucking is a challenging business, as there are many moving parts to manage and track over vast geographic areas, all of which must be connected and secured. MC Express has more than one hundred trucks and drivers, which means there’s a lot that can go wrong. As a result, it was very costly to manage or repair all the different systems in place. 

Identifying Opportunities for IT Cost Efficiency

MC Express started working with us in 2015, and in addition to managing their security and systems, we helped them upgrade their infrastructure to create long-term savings. One example of this was their phone system, the costs of which we cut in half by moving to VoIP years ago. Currently, we are helping them evaluate the costs and benefits of moving their systems to the cloud. 

Additionally, Kalmer Solutions reduced the workload of MC Express’ in-house staff by taking care of all their IT needs. We provide MC Express with a comprehensive and cost-effective IT service package that allowed them to consolidate costs, outsource a lot of time-consuming work, and improve focus. 

Our experience has been that upgrading legacy systems to more advanced technologies can eliminate redundant tasks or time wasted navigating clunky systems, saving valuable employee hours. Investing in automation and cloud-based solutions can also lead to cost reductions as they minimize the requirement for physical infrastructure and maintenance expenses. Overall, investing in IT modernization proves to be a strategic move that not only enhances performance but also yields substantial cost efficiencies. 

The Joy of a Connected Workforce

Although most employers think of administrative tasks as a cost of doing business, they often fail to realize how much more productive and happy employees are when given access to great technology. The collaborative potential offered by technology stacks like M365 mean that document sharing, scheduling, and other time-consuming “costs of business” are reduced, giving your employees a less frustrating and more focused day. 

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic changed how we did business; more employees than ever before are looking for remote or hybrid work arrangements. Moving to the cloud not only creates new ways for your employees to work, but it can also reduce your reliance on many smaller solutions, that can add up in your budget over time… especially when the individual components of your system need to be replaced or upgraded. 

Calculating Your Cybersecurity Costs

Most of our managed IT service packages are customized, but we’ve created a [price calculator] that will help you get an idea of how much cybersecurity services will cost. We also have a [Guide to IT Budgeting] that will support you in developing a more comprehensive roadmap. 

Working with Kalmer Solutions

Kalmer Solutions provides managed IT services for the modern workforce. Based in Jonesboro, Arkansas, we support our clients with virtual CIO services, technology upgrades, cloud-based computing, IT support, cybersecurity, the fulfillment of compliance requirements, and more. Our goal is to become your trusted IT partner and add long-term strategic value. Contact us today to learn more about how working with us can transform your business.